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Air Ambulance

Derek Richardson came along to talk to us about how the local Air Ambulance Trust saves lives.  He has been a volunteer for over eight years along with his wife, and they have been involved with many aspects of supporting the Trust.

The first helicopter ambulance was founded in 1989 in Kent and was introduced to Sussex and Surrey in 2007.  They currently have two helicopters serving the area.  The only people they fly out to are those who are near death, suffering trauma and road traffic accidents.  This year they have attended over 3000 incidents and the aim is to save the life and then deliver the patient to the hospital.  The average cost of a single flight is £3,700.

The medical team on the helicopters is specifically trained to deal with the medical emergencies, with more skills than the standard paramedic.  So, if you should find yourself being rescued, you know you will be in safe hands.

The current helicopters are so stable, the medical team can perform an operation whilst in flight.  It can even fly itself if weather conditions dictate!  The KSSAAT claim to fame is that it introduced the use of bubble wrap to keeping survivors warm and this practice has been adopted internationally.

The local Trust is 100% supported by the general public and you can help funding in any of the following ways:

A fascinating look into the world of the Air Ambulances and the fantastic work they do and the lives they have saved.

Donations from the Association and the audience, plus the sale of Christmas cards, raised £257.50 for the Trust.

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