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The Knepp Rewilding Project                                             Thursday 11th January


   History of the Tower of London                                                Friday 9th February

The speaker, Alan Kingshott, was ‘Chief Yeoman Warder of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, Member of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary’ until his retirement last year.

For an insight to his background and TV/radio appearances click here

The Story of English Freedom                                                Saturday 24th March

Andy Thomas is one of the UK’s best-known authors and lecturers on unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups, and is author of the acclaimed books The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies.  He also lectures on history and British folklore and speaks extensively in Britain and around the world at both ‘alternative’ and mainstream events.

From rebellions of Boudicca against Roman invaders to the Peasant’s Revolt and the modern poll tax riots, from the truly revolutionary ideas put forward in Cromwellian times to influential movers and shakers e.g. Thomas Paine, the Suffragettes and George Orwell ‘Freedom’ has always been a key issue in English history.

Nymans - A garden lovers home for all seasons                     Saturday 28th April

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Penny Green is an Ecologist and will give us a Talk on the Knepp Castle Estate, which comprises 3,500 acres of heavy weald clay in West Sussex.  Though farmed intensively since WW2, the farm rarely made a profit.  Rewilding has turned this around and the farmland is now profitable.

Knepp Wildland’s ethos is to allow natural processes with free-roaming grazing animals.  In just over a decade Knepp has seen astonishing results in biodiversity.  It is now a breeding hotspot for purple emperor butterflies, turtle doves and 2% of the UK’s population of nightingales.

One of the National Trust's premier gardens, Nymans was a country retreat for the creative Messel family with views stretching out across the Sussex Weald.  Today you can recharge your batteries here, while exploring this beautiful place, discovering hidden corners through stone archways, walking along tree-lined avenues while surrounded by lush green countryside.

This talk is preceded by a brief Annual General Meeting

Talks Programme Spring 2018

Meetings are held at the Community Centre, Romany Road, Durrington BN13 3FJ.

Meetings other than the Annual General Meeting start at 2.30 pm.

Visitors welcome

Entry at the door: Members £2.00 Visitors £4.00

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